"Because of this I feel more confident now in asserting myself. I am much more relaxed in my interactions with women and men and have started trusting myself rather than self-doubt."
- Ram
"I have developed a core confidence in myself and profound excitement for life. I owe a great deal of my personal success, both intrinsic and extrinsic, to Robin’s WSM program."
- Alex
I was intrigued and challenged by Robin when I met him. He was so enthusiastic about pursuing his dream to start his own company instead of starting a promising career for a dull accounting firm. It reminded me that I had the same aspirations and although I achieved a lot of goals, I always felt that the fear of rejection held me back if I wanted to expand my endeavours. As I was at a crossroads in my life, I felt the urge to take action.

The training allows me to be more natural in social interactions. Especially when you want to achieve your goals this is very helpful, be it in business or private matters. The program has helped me to feel the fear of rejection and do it anyway. Robin is very patient and persistent during the program and therefore makes the training very effective.
- Rens
Since meeting Robin I have grown exponentially, both socially and emotionally. I have overcome my timidity and self-consciousness in social interactions, learned to plan, adjust, and achieve meaningful goals for myself, and cultivated a realistically positive self-image and vision for a worthwhile future. In the past year I have obliterated my anxiety around approaching women, reached out to and made connections with many of the leading figures in my field, became a sponsored athlete by a nutritional supplement company, become involved with a political advocacy group, chaired a summer food program targeting low-income youth in my community, and traveled to South America.

But more than my accomplishments, I have developed a core confidence in myself and profound excitement for life. I owe a great deal of my personal success, both intrinsic and extrinsic, to Robin’s WSM program.
- Alex
I was going through a low point and felt directionless. I heard about WeSocialMEN from a friend of mine who had been a part of the program. I could see how relaxed and at ease he was and wanted to feel the same way.

While I do still have ups and downs just as any other person, in general, I have become much more positive and determined. The training made me realise my feelings and needs are equally important. Because of this I feel more confident now in asserting myself. I am much more relaxed in my interactions with women and men and have started trusting myself rather than self-doubt.
- Ram
The training was all about doing things and not just waiting and doing nothing. I can talk to women, and people in general, much easier now. And the excersises we did helped a lot too. I learned not to worry about other people’s opinion and just do it. As an example: doing 10 push-ups in a busy street. No one does that but I just did it and I didn’t worry about what other people thought.

I wish I had learned all this in high school. Then my life would be so different now. It’s going to take a lot more practice because the confidence I wanted does not come overnight. It takes much more practice but I am learning every day through practice or reading. It changed me a lot as a person so thanks for changing my life this much already.
- Stef
It's been 9 months since I started the training/mentoring at WeSocialMEN. First, I realised for me to change, I had to change habits. The results I am having professionally, I have been doing things that I never expected to do. I'm a freelancer, I work for myself, I choose my working hours, I choose my clients (I already have clients, yay).
The social part. I go out much more, I hang out much more with my friends, and I try to meet new people (that is a work in progress though). Now regarding girls. I said I wanted girls, but I realised, to have girls I had to become a better man. And that is what I am becoming now.
- João
I am pleased to tell you that Robin is probably one of the greatest motivators you can have at your side to get your life back on the right track. He will put the finger on the sore spot to let you rethink your own beliefs and habits. He will throw you in the lion’s den to face and step up your own fears. And the funny thing is that those fears will gradually become the things you end up doing and loving the most.
- Remco
I really enjoyed the coaching session with Robin. Not only did he show me where I went wrong, but he guided me in a way to ensure that I’ll keep on taking action when he’s no longer around. Robin is an overall fun guy to be around and has the knowledge and the skill to bring people to the next level.
- David
I was inspired by the story and the way that the founder (Robin) told about how he changed his own life and that of others through learning different kind of approaches and training sessions. My personal reason for attending a training session was because I wanted to become more confident in communicating with other people, not just women in particular. After the training I did feel more confident about myself, but aside from that, I also discovered things about myself I have never experienced before. For example, I never knew how easy it is for me to approach people and start a conversation. What an insight!
- Wouter
The personal and tailor-made training of WeSocialMEN gave me many insights and opened my eyes on what it possible in many areas of my life. During the training I see Robin showing an enormous authentic passion and energy and he motivated me to do the best I can.
- Joost
The result is that I gained more self-esteem. The most important thing I have learned is that you have to take a first step. Just a first step, and from there on, you will see what happen.
- Sander
Robin’s insight has helped me a lot to move forward. He has given me motivation to interact more with women and also helpful advice to do it properly and effectively. He was always ready to answer my questions or provide explanations for the way I felt. It was always a great feeling to exchange and share my experiences with him. He listened and showed compassion. The framework he provided helped me to establish my own frame and become more confident in the pursuit of my goal. I have become more focused and determined to live with the habit of success.
- Guy
I was pleasantly surprised by his analysis and simple but very effective mindset-changing strategies and to give you an overall perspective. I feel this was something that I consider a great investment and got a lot of things out of it. But you have to be careful: do not expect this to be a magic pill for all your problems.
I wish Robin all the best and I believe he has a lot to offer.
- Rishabh
I had the honour to work with Robin and based on his character traits, I can say he is really a rare and a special individual.
Not only is he full of energy that it urges you immediately to take action but also he has this ability to motivate you that you believe that everything is possible. I wish I would have Robin next to me every day to wake me up and give me a dose of his energy and motivation. So if you even slightly consider if you should or shouldn’t take coaching with Robin. You will never regret this moment then you decided to take action and train with him.
Not only will you get the motivation and ass-kick you needed, you will meet an amazing guy who is going to support you with every tool you need to go to the next level.
- Boris, former mentor Robin
Especially his enthusiasm and positive vibe I found very effective. Through his confident way of helping you I gained more confidence and for me they were the first step towards a better and happier life.
- Mark
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