The Social Gym.

How to start and keep a loving, healthy relationship& go on a first date with the right woman within 60* days.

The Social Gym is a seven sessions face to face training programme that empowers you to grow on the three points below. Before the first session, you’ll receive a box of WeSocialMEN at home. This box includes a ‘to fill-in’ workbook of the topics that are discussed during the sessions, a notebook, a habits book and the WSM-book. You’ll receive a password too, to login on the online platform (beta). All topics discussed during the sessions, you can re-learn again at home.

1. You’ll become a man who knows what he wants, something that women find important because it can give them stability, security and peace.
2. You’ll become a man who knows himself, something that gives you clarity, understanding and self-love that others will start noticing.
3. You set your own pace, and by following the steps below and through personal, customised coaching, you will meet with the right woman within 60* days.
+ After you’ve completed ‘The Social Gym’ you can continue to apply what you have learned.

You’ll read content of The Social Gym below.

First of all, you will prepare yourself for the training. You will receive some links and documents, so that you can get off to a good start.

0.1 Completing a questionnaire so that we have a clear idea of who you are
0.2 Answering vision questions to find out what you want in your life
0.3 Answering personality questions to know ‘who you are’
0.4 Reading on what is to come
0.5 Log on for extra online support (beta)

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Before you start building, you need a firm foundation. You will lay this foundation yourself by becoming aware of the fact that you create your own reality, that you have control over your own life and that you can follow your own vision.

1.1 The operating system of your computer as a metaphor for your brain
1.2 The type of relationship that will bring you success in the long term
1.3 Why it is important to have a vision as a man
1.4 What drives our behaviour and emotions
1.5 Becoming aware of the stage of life you are in
1.6 Creating your own personalised vision based on your answers given earlier
1.7 Your personality and how you’re changing under the ‘feedback loop’
1.8 Knowing who your ideal partner is

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2.1 Realistic mindsets so that making contact becomes accessible
2.2 Knowing where you are in life to have more comfort in life
2.3 Outside in the street out of your comfort zone (cz) and the ‘cz-score card’
2.4 How to start a conversation, online and offline
2.5 Creating a powerful first concept goal
2.6 The compound effect and your choice for extra grip
2.7 An extra pair of eyes on your online profile

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3.1 Establishing four powerful goals for the coming half year
3.2 Your personal mission and favourite motivational quote
3.3 What you can say after you’ve complimented a woman
3.4 Again action in the street to gain experience, and we listen in
3.5 Steps to stop her in the street so she listens to you
3.6 Letting go of opinions of others and judgment towards yourself
3.7 Starting to think about why you want to live as you say you want to live

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4.1 Determine your ‘why’ for inner motivation
4.2 The four types of bodies, knowledge of 3000 years ago
4.3 Become aware of your inner world on a deeper level
4.4 Five steps of meditation, action to break through a barrier
4.5 Your lowest standard will be your reality
4.6 Your vision poster at home

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5.1 The miscommunication in how men and women talk
5.2 Always say more than you’re asked
5.3 Structure to present yourself in a powerful way
5.4 Social skills to keep the conversation going to truly connect
5.5 Applying what you learn on the street, and we listen in
5.6 How to open a conversation when she is with others
5.7 Reinforcing your habits in the morning and evening
5.8 Body language that can be attractive to women

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6.1 Rejection does not exist
6.2 Your small and big ‘I’, to whom you listen
6.3 Planning your 15-day action plan
6.4 Applying your plan directly in the street, and we listen in
6.5 Losing emotional baggage what presses on your shoulders
6.6 Main reasons for women to end a relationship

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7.1 Results of the 15-day action plan
7.2 How to end a conversation
7.3 The vision of a first date
7.4 Bringing everything together
7.5 Final Q&A
7.6 Accountability ‘contract’

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Now that you have chosen to become a SocialMAN by following this training, you become part of our community. You will automatically receive an invitation for our eight times per year ‘empowerment workshop’. For participants of ‘The Social Gym’ this is a service, so you do not have to invest anything. It gives you the opportunity to stay in the flow, develop yourself and meet other men who have the same values, interests and experiences as you do.

WeSocialMEN follows the philosophy of Lao Tzu: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Dozens of men who have followed this training are now in a relationship. Others who are still single are more self-confident and courageous.

*60 days is relative. You can have a session every week, or you choose to for example have a session every month. This is flexible and you decide on the pace.

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