Robin Kastermans' story
Hi, my name is Robin Kastermans. I'm the founder of the company and the author of WeSocialMEN. I’d like to share a little of my story with you. 

I've noticed that when I share my story, many men who've joined WeSocialMEN, or who want to join, can relate to certain aspects in their own way. This can help them feel understood, and it’s good to know that you’re not alone.  

I grew up in a small village in The Netherlands, one of those places where everyone knows each other. My parents owned a disco/bar/restaurant/game house, all in one. I played a lot of bowling, pool, racing games and I was almost always surrounded by people.  

Besides that, I played a lot of football with my friends and just had a fun time. Since my parents worked on the evenings, I regularly stayed over at my uncle and aunt. I am fortunate enough to have many great memories of that time. 

Things changed quickly
When I was around 14 years old, things changed. In one year my parents broke up (they weren't married) and my uncle and aunt divorced. My dad sold his company and moved to another country for around 3.5 years. My mom and sister grew very close and she found a new boyfriend a year after the break-up. He moved in with us and became an alcoholic quite soon after. I didn’t see my uncle and aunt for years and years.
From that point on, it felt as if my foundation was gone and I felt confused, alone and heartbroken. Just a few people knew how I felt, and fortunately they were there to support me. When I look back on it now, I can appreciate it wasn’t the easiest time of my parents' and uncle and aunt's lives, either, to deal with the new situation. But back then I was blaming them, as obviously I wasn't happy what was happening. Also, I did not accept my mum’s new boyfriend, or later my dad’s new girlfriend. Quite the standard story when parents break up.

Since I felt shame and guilt about what had happened at home, I did not talk about this openly. What I did instead was to sort of ignore it, and I decided to become the ‘strong’ guy, even though deep inside I felt small. This set the stage for me to close off my heart, so to say, and not let anybody in. I was afraid of being hurt again and I wanted to protect myself from that.

Turning point
During my university Accounting course in 2012, years later, a football incident forced me to have knee surgery, keeping me in bed for six weeks. After winning every trophy with the football game FIFA, there was nothing else to do. And since I couldn't do anything, I started to think about my life. And what I saw was bad.

I saw that I was stuck in my comfort zone. I saw that my career future wasn't something I’d dreamt about. I saw that my relationships were superficial and unstable. When meeting new people, I always felt very uncomfortable, and it took me a long time to be at ease around them. And of course, I wasn't happy with myself. What I saw was the result of ignoring what I felt inside, of closing off my heart, of not letting anybody get close. It was painful to acknowledge this, but I became aware that it was my responsibility. After this realisation, I decided to take full responsibility for these results and for my own life, to create a life of my own. 

Suddenly, it was as if the Universe was listening. In the span of a few weeks, my girlfriend at that time broke up with me and the Amsterdam house I lived in was sold so I had to move. For me personally, it was rock bottom. But things were falling apart only to make room for new opportunities, even though I didn’t see it as such in the beginning.
My new 'house' after my turning point
The only way is up
These new opportunities started with my new 'house', which my dad helped me with: see the picture on the left. This is where my journey began to get out of my comfort zone, and I stumbled upon something interesting on the internet. I read about and saw videos of men who made contact with women they liked during the day. Let me repeat that: during the day. No booze. No tricks. Nothing. Of course, I had doubts as to if what happened in the video was real, but I trusted my gut feeling that it was.  

Based on this gut feeling, I decided to learn this for myself. I wanted to grow as a person. I wanted to share more of myself. I saw this as the path to travel down. For me it was not about getting women. For me it was about stepping outside my comfort zone and to learn about women, since I was clueless. It felt for me, too, that I’d let go of those feelings of major discomfort I'd had when meeting new people.
First, I started out on my own. Which was funny, since just walking outside in the city of Amsterdam I met, like, 100 women already (in my head, that is). I always thought about taking action, but I never did. It took me a while to, and eventually I approached a woman on the street. This was such an uncomfortable situation that it was just awkward, nothing else. I didn’t know what to say. I feared rejection, and what others would think of me. I also didn’t feel good enough.
Asking for help
Since I’d also started to read up on mentorship, I decided to ask for help and follow a training programme with Boris, a mentor in Cologne, Germany. I was trained on how to step out of my comfort zone and make authentic contact with women during the day. 

Later, I visited my mentor Boris again in Belgrade, Serbia, to develop myself on a deeper level: to make authentic contact with myself. Because of the confidence I gained on the street and the way my pre-vision had developed, I made another bold choice. Instead of accepting a job offer and funding to pursue my Masters degree with the respected company Deloitte, working a 9 to 5 job when I’d graduated, I decided to listen to what my heart and intuition told me. Some time later, in February 2015, WeSocialMEN was founded.
As I’m writing this in October 2018, my company has worked one-on-one with 88 men to start and maintain a stable and loving relationship with the right partner, by developing social skills and self-esteem using our 5-step system. Some of them have even married. Others are living together or are in a relationship. The men who are still single started dating and have more courage and freedom to live life their own way.
No 9-5 job for me... (this is a picture of the Deloitte office in the Caribbean where I had my trainneeship for 5 months)
For me personally, and most importantly, I have healed over the last few years. Mentally, emotionally and energetically. I have invested in myself with various mentors to let go of the past, and the fact that I had to learn to live without a mother, who is still with her alcoholic boyfriend. I have chosen to let go of her (although I’m still here for her when she's ready for it), since an external relationship – in which my family supports me – isn't possible anymore. This empowered me to let go of the feelings of grief and sadness, to eventually fully heal my broken heart. 

I share my personal life with Sofie, my girlfriend of 2.5 years, who is currently setting up her own wedding plan agency. So when you've attracted the right partner and want to marry her, I know someone who can help you with that... Once in a while I meet with my friends/family or play football. I go to the gym. I love to go into nature and read books. Does that mean that everything’s perfect? Of course not. I'm still a human being, I can doubt, feel nervous sometimes, and everything else that comes with being a human being. But instead of letting it put me down, as I did in the past, I keep taking action, let go and learn from it.

I will continue to develop myself and the company, WeSocialMEN. Every day I ask myself two questions to continue this process: how can we bring more value to our customers? And how can our customers get the results in the best ways possible? You'll find all the answers in our training programme: The Social Gym.
The Social Gym
Sending boxes to men who joined The Social Gym
The books of The Social Gym

The online service of The Social Gym (in Dutch)
This programme offers all the tools single men need to attract the right partner. To give you an idea:
You’ll become a man who knows what he wants – which is something that women find important, because it can give them stability, security and peace.
You’ll become a man who knows himself, which gives you clarity, understanding and self-love that others will notice.
You'll become a man who knows how to meet women, which will lead to attracting the right partner to start and keep a stable and loving relationship.

It's a seven session in-person training programme in which you'll receive a box at home that includes the (work)books you need. As a service, you'll get your own login for an online video platform to revisit every topic discussed during the sessions to increase the value you get out of this programme.

Everything in the programme was first experienced and tested by myself, and then experienced and tested by other men. When these tests garners good results, I decide to put it into the training programme. I am not the only one who gives training: other men who've trained at WeSocialMEN via The Social Gym – who started out just like you and me – are now trainers on a freelance basis. They all have results, great potential and they are added to the team since I foresee great growth in demand for 2019. Every trainer has his own experiences and they all love to share them, since they, too, know how it feels to be and stay where you're at. Lastly, my niece Leonie is responsible for the communications side of things.
Meet the team
Leonie - communications
Rishabh - trainer (freel.)
Adriaan - trainer (freel.)
Mischa - workshops (freel.)
Kevin - trainer i.t. (freel.)
We are just normal people who love to work with others and help them achieve the best possible results. We've all asked for help, walked the path and got results. We know how you can feel and what you can think, since we've started where you are right now. It’s up to you. If you're interested in finding the right partner to share your life with, click the button below to learn more. 

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Our other label: WeSocialWOMEN
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